Setting up Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score is a popular "Long Running Question" or LRQ. You can  read more about LRQs here. This article will go over all the options for setting up NPS in Ramen.

Getting Started

The first thing to know about getting started with NPS is that it's important to pass in the created_at attribute so Ramen knows how long ago your customer became a customer. This is important because you rarely want to ask customers the NPS question until they've been customers for a minimum amount of time: usually at least 30 days. If you do not pass in created_at to denote when the user became a customer, then Ramen will instead use the first time Ramen saw the customer to decide when to ask the question. This means that old customers will not start being asked right away. 

Survey Settings

Enable NPS Survey

This setting enables the NPS survey. If you ever need to disable NPS in a hurry, unchecking this box will immediately cease asking all questions.

Do not display survey until Customer is at least __ days old

You will usually want to wait until a customer has had enough time to get acquainted with your product before asking the question. We recommend 45 days, but some customers will go as high as 180 and as low as 14., a side project of Ramen, asks this question after 14 days since the product is so relatively simple.

After initial survey...

Since NPS is an LRQ, it is repeatedly asked of customers. This is valuable for tracking overall satisfaction over time.

Only show NPS on certain pages

Some customers do not want NPS shown on certain pages. To only show NPS on specific pages, you can use an exact URL or a regular expression.

Notification Settings

You can also decide how you want to be notified of NPS responses.

Email team members when...

You can choose when to get notified via email based on the response. To get notified of all responses, put in 11 (since 10 is the highest response). To get no notifications, put in 0.

Email team members when a promoter becomes a detractor

You can get notified when a customer who previous was a promoter (answered 9 or 10) becomes a detractor (answers 0 through 6). This is an especially important event, which is why there are special case notification settings for it.

Email team members when a detractor becomes a promoter

Reverse it!

Select team members who should get notifications

This is a multi select box. Hold down Ctrl or Cmd to select multiple people.

View Company Data

If you pass in company information to Ramen, you can view NPS segmented by company. Just click this link to see scores for all your companies.

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