Guide: How to identify rouge 404s

If you're doing things The Right Way™ then you have an exception monitoring service like  Rollbar diligently monitoring for errors. But what about 404s? Most exception monitoring services actively ignore 404s, but as SaaS products (especially early stage) grow and morph and evolve, you're almost guaranteed to run into situations where your logged in users are stumbling across broken links. That's where a simple Ramen question can be super helpful.

The Question

Oh no! A missing page! How did you come across this page?

Where should this question be asked

This question should be setup to appear on a 404 page. By default, a Ramen question will only be shown to a user one time, so you may want to trigger this question manually and force it's appearance with the following snippet of code:

_ramen.ask("[question id]", {force: true});

How to analyze the results

Fix the 404! :)

How to setup this question in Ramen

Just head over to the Question Library. This question is ready for you to install.

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