Guide: Find out why a customer downgraded

There are plenty of opportunities to ask behavior-driven questions, but for B2B & prosumer SaaS companies, there is probably nothing more important than finding out why a customer recently downgraded. This question will cover how to ask users why they downgraded right after they downgraded.

The Question

Why did you downgrade your plan?

Less more mature products without a long history of churn may want to ask this question as open-ended:

If you have more information about common reasons to churn, you could also ask a multiple choice question to aide in analyzing responses at scale:

Who should be asked this question

You'll want to ask this question immediately after someone downgrades their plan.

How to setup this question in Ramen

There are two ways to setup this question in Ramen: Event-based and Audience-based.


With events, you can trigger a question to appear whenever you want with a simple line of JavaScript. If, for example, the Question ID is 1234567890, you can trigger a question with the following line of code:


By default, a Ramen question will only ever be asked once, so if the previous line of JavaScript was called and the logged in user had already been asked the question, the question would not appear again. If you'd like to force this question regardless of whether or not the current user has already been asked this question, you can add the following option:

_ramen.ask("1234567890", {force: true})


Another way is to setup a question to only be asked of a specific Audience, and then make that Audience based on attributes that tell Ramen the user recently downgraded. One way to do this is to pass a downgraded_at attribute, and then create an audience called "Recently Downgraded" where downgraded_at is less than 10 minutes ago.

Analyzing Results

This question can be a super powerful way to contextually find out at the moment of downgrade why it's happening, and give you the data you need to improve your service down the road.

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