Guide: Ask anonymous visitors why they are here

Ramen allows you to ask questions of anonymous visitors, not just logged-in users. One interesting way to use this is to research what is driving users to the site.

The Question

What brought you to our site today?

Setting up this question

This possible responses for this question will change drastically based on your needs. In the example screenshot above, we have selected some sensible defaults, and customized the open-ended follow up question.

Who should be asked this question

Asking anonymous visitors a question is tricky. You don't want questions popping up all over the place the second they land on the site. Usually you'll want to target questions like this to people that have indicated through their behavior that they're interested. An example Audience criteria set could look like this:

  • First visited more than 1 minute ago
  • Viewed more than 2 pages
  • Have been sitting on a page for more than 5 seconds

How to analyze the results

This is one of those questions where you'll want to regularly eye-ball responses and take different tactical actions. Maybe you want to try and capture an email address on every response and reach out to those people. Maybe you just want to see if people are confused when they land on the site. Maybe you want to try to get some qualitative understanding for how long it takes people to be exposed to your brand before actually signing up. With this type of question targeted at anonymous users, the sky's the limit.

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