Guide: Find out what is frustrating your customers

There's a simple question that time and again delivers some of the most incredible insights: asking what is most frustrating to customers. This question is a great leading indicator for churn and overall customer happiness. Since it's open-ended, it doesn't lead the customer in any certain ways, which makes it hard to analyze quantitatively, but makes it surprisingly eye opening.

The Question

Is there anything frustrating about this product you'd like us to improve?

Who should be asked this question?

Being an LRQ, you'll want to ask this question of users once they've had time to 'settle in' a bit to your app. To uncover onboarding frustrations, you could use a modified version of this question that's only asked to new users.

Where should this question be asked?

As an LRQ, this question can, and should be asked on a random page as your users move around the application.

How to analyze results

Utilize the Ramen word cloud functionality to see what kind of words are popping up, and make sure to segment by different Audiences to see how your main personas are answering the question differently.

In this example, we're looking at an old open-ended "How did you find out about Ramen?" question we used to ask. We launched on Product Hunt, and it's pretty obvious :)

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