Guide: Find out why users are logging in

Sometimes it’s nice to know why users login. There are a bunch of reasons you may want to know this:

  • Find out what normal usage patterns are
  • Identify outside reasons for logging that you may not realize
  • Uncover what people view as the most important reason for logging in

The Question

The question in this guide is simple and open-ended: A mockup of the question

Who should be asked this question

This question can be asked of anyone. See 'How to analyze results' below where we discuss some caveats to this.

Where should this question be asked

It should be asked on whatever page the user first lands on after logging in.

How to analyze results

Thanks to Ramen’s open-ended response word cloud functionality, it’s easy to get a quick view of what people are saying. Back when Ramen was getting off the ground, we had an open ended question asking how people found us. It’s not the same as asking why they logged in, but the value of word clouds can clearly be seen. This was right after we launched a new product on Product Hunt:

Ramen’s old ‘How did you find us?’ word cloud

And yes, that’s a 25% response rate. Not too shabby.

Analysis Caveats

If you choose to ask this question of everyone, it's important to keep the point of the user's lifecycle in mind. New users who are setting up their account for the first time will have a much different set of tasks than users who have settled into your app and entered more of a maintenance mode.

Also, you may a setup where one of your customers has multiple users types: Admins and Users, for example. It's important to segment responses across these user types when analyzing responses to this question.

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