Guide: Collecting User Testimonials

Getting testimonials from customers is critical for marketing and for establishing credibility. In this article, we discuss a simple technique for gathering testimonials from customers. You’ll be able to:

  • Easily collect testimonials from your customers.
  • Identify who is not willing to give you a testimonial, and optionally follow up with them on why that’s the case.

The Question

In this article, we’re discussing asking your new customers the following question:

Are you willing to give us a quick testimonial that we can use in our marketing material?

Who should be asked this question

This question should be asked of paying customers after they’ve been using your product for a while.

Where should this question be asked

This question can appear on any page within your app. What’s important is that customers have been paying customers of your app for a while before asking them.

How to use the results

For people that say Yes, use their testimonial! For people that answer No, you may want to find out why by digging into their usage or following up directly.

How to setup this question in Ramen

Below we describe how to setup this question in Ramen.

Step 1: Target the question with an Audience

You’ll want to use the At least 90 Days Old audience for this question. This audience is automatically created for you in your Ramen account, but if you deleted and needed to recreate it, the criteria are simple:

  • Became customer at least 90 days ago -- Remember that if you do have LTV numbers, you should change the length appropriately.
  • Are in the appropriate pricing tier

Audience setup

Step 2: Create the Question

This is a Yes/No question with the following details:

  • Question: “Are you willing to give us a quick testimonial that we can use in our marketing materials?”
  • Possible Response #1: Yes
  • Follow up #1: Awesome! Type it in below and we’ll be in touch!
  • Possible Response #2: No
  • Follow up #2: Ok no worries. If there’s anything wrong, let us know below.

Setting up the question

Step 3: Setup the Question details

There are a few other options you’ll want to setup for this question:

  • Delivery Location: This question should only show up on Any Page.
  • Delivery Delay: You can show the question immediately upon viewing a page or after a delay (20 seconds for example).

Testimonial Delivery

Step 4: Put it live

Click the Publish button!

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