Guide: Find out who is using your product

SaaS products big and small have a vested interest in understanding who is using their product, but often for different reasons.

Companies who either have a small customer base or are still trying to find product market fit might not actually know who their customer is yet.

Large companies might have one person making the decision to buy software that's actually used by 50 other people with different titles.

This guide will show you how to easily find out what types of users are using your application, and give you valuable data for targeting questions down the road.

The Question

In this guide, we're going to ask the following question:

Which role do you most closely identify with?

Question Example

Who should be asked this question

For most use cases, you can ask this question of anyone. For some edge cases, you may want to only ask new customers, or you may want to only ask customers that have been using your product for a while.

How to analyze the results

Like many other Ramen questions, there are several ways to run this question. You can either run the question one time and look at the results once you have a large number of responses, or you can ask the question of all customers and track their responses over time.

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